Application Process

Every year, scholarship funds supported by our donors enable Gorge students to pursue their educational goals. Search below to discover how our scholarships program can help pave the way for your goals and dreams.

 Scholarship applications are available from regional high schools including Hood River Valley High School, Columbia High School, Lyle Schools and Goldendale High School.  Contact your high school’s counseling office for more information.

 The Gorge Community Foundation has awarded over $400,000 in scholarships since 2003.

High School Seniors     

Most of the scholarships managed by the Community Foundation are available to students who will graduate from high school this spring and plan to continue their education.  You can learn more here.

Current Year Scholarship Recipients and Prior Year Scholarship Recipients Eligible for Renewal

Please read the terms of your scholarship award carefully and follow the attached instructions carefully to have the current year’s scholarship processed.  Scholarship Instructions