This year saw another outstanding group of high school students. We wish them every success in the years ahead.
Scholarship Awards:
Hood River Valley High School
• Laura Douglas Schaefer Memorial Music Scholarship: Chloe Jessica Thorp and Mateo Martin Campos-Davis
• Gorham Babson Family Scholarships: Aileen Castro, Marileisi Castillo, Laura Lachino, Montserrat Pedozza, Jesse Flores
• Leos Scholarships: Melinda Flores, Eva Jones, Abigail Loihl, Grace Skakel, Ellen Sova
• Jernstedt Scholarship: Grace Skakel
• Corwin Hardham Memorial Scholarship: Marileisi Castillo
Goldendale High School
• Theo Caldwell Memorial Scholarship: Katelynn Gallagher
Lyle School District
Awards are made from the Lyle School Fund to graduating seniors