The Gorge Community Foundation is delighted to announce the recipients of its 2022 scholarships.  Congratulations to this group of outstanding students!  We wish them every success in the years ahead.

We are also delighted that 2022 was the first year of two new scholarships: the Sohler Trade School Scholarship (Hood River Valley High School) and the Bartholomew Family Scholarship (Columbia High School).

Scholarship Awards:

Hood River Valley High School

  • Laura Douglas Schaefer Memorial Music. Scholarship: Lena Parsons, Tiffany Bertadillo
  • Gorham Babson Family Scholarships: Yazalea Heredia, Ernesto Jamie Ravadon, Yuliana Delgado Contreras, Ana Ruby Juarez Cruz
  • Jernstedt Scholarship: Kaelen Kenna
  • Corwin Hardham Memorial Scholarship: Sandra Castillo Palacios
  • Hood River Leos Scholarship: Elizabeth Keyla Ramirez Pinedo, Yazalea Heredia, Sandra Castillo Palacios, Christopher Nieport, Charlotte Loihl, Ana Adela Lopez Vera, Amy McCarthy
  • Larry Sohler Trade School Scholarship: Cassandra Moreno, Miyana Robertson

 Goldendale High School

  • Theo Caldwell Memorial Scholarship: Alden Williams


Columbia High School

  • Bartholomew Family Scholarship: Jackson Spadaro