We are thrilled to report that the Challenge Grant for the Hood River County Library has raised $66,000 for the Friends of the Hood River Library Pat Hazlehurst Endowment of the Gorge Community Foundation to provide ongoing operating support for library programs.  The Library operates branches in Cascade Locks and Parkdale in addition to the main library in Hood River.

Thank you to all who participated and to the donors who made this generous matching challenge:

Anonymous (4), Bella Berlly, Ben Sato, Bette Lou and Alan Yenne, Bonnie New, C. and G. Goodwin, Carl Asai, Carol Jurs, Carolyn Bondurant, Cathi Lannon, Cecilia Goodnight, Chris and Julie Smith, Cleo Sterling, Craig Danner, Dave Radcliffe, David and Ila Mae Schneebert, David Griffith, David Henehan, Deana Wagoner, Don and Betty Shalhope, Donald and Regena Rafelson, Elizabeth English, Elizabeth Garber, Fred Duckwall, Gabriele and Kurt Schneider, Gary and Barbara Young, Gil Sharp and Anne Saxby, Glenn Harris, Guy Fenner, James and Karen Sype, Jean Harmon, Jennifer and Brian Hackett, Jennifer Bayer, Jennifer Fowler, Jennifer Ouzounian, Jim Greenleaf, Jody and David Barringer, John and Marianne Durkan, John E. Campbell, Judith Hiatt, Judith Nicol, June and Marvin Knudson, Katherine Schlick Noe, Kathleen McGregor, Kathleen Pickering, Ken and JoAnn Wittenberg, Kenneth and Kathleen Kliewer, Kenneth McCarty, Leighton Hazlehurst, Leonard and Erma Hickman, Linda Gleeson, Lynda Dallman, Mara Lynaugh, Margeret Marshall, Marilyn and Gennaro Avolio, Martin and Elizabeth Lees, Martin Campos-Davis, Marvin and Ruth Turner, Mary King, Maureen Higgins, Peggy and Jim Kelter, Rachel Larive, Rebecca Montgomery, Richard and Pat Schmuck, Rodney and Mary Anne Parrott, Ronald and Nadine Klebba, Ronalie Milne, Ruth Tsu, Scott and Donna Fitch, Seth Bradley, Stanley and Mary Graves, Stanley Sales and Suzanne Giovannoni, Steve and Doris Stevens, Steven Olson, Stuart Watson, The Friends of the Hood River County Library, Tim and Beverly Annala, Tom and Mole Schaefer, Vicki Seymour, William Boyd