28 Jul 2017

Joan Burchell Fund Grants Announced

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The Gorge Community Foundation is delighted to announce Joan Burchell grant recipients for 2017:

  • Washington Gorge Actions Programs:  $3,000 for a portable acquaponics gardening system to grow fresh produce for Klickitat County food banks
  • Hood River Warming Shelter:  $1,500 for sleeping bags and cots
  • WSV Education Foundation: $2,000 for a program to support healthy life skills
  • Rowena Wildlife Clinic:  $1,000 for care for native eagles
  • FISH:  $3,000 summer meals for underserved children
  • Gorge MakerSpace: $900 for tools and furnishings for new space

The Joan Burchell Fund was established to honor a spirited resident who arrived in the Gorge in 1988 looking for a suitable home for retirement. The fact that she chose the community of Mt. Hood attests to her good judgment. She lived there for 20 years.

Joan loved the community, and the community loved her. She was self-educated, mechanically clever and artistic. Her spirit, humor, independence, and interest in all things endeared her to many people. Joan is a true example of living life on one’s own terms. She passed away peacefully, with friends at her side, on Dec. 14, 2008.

The next round of applications for the Joan Burchell Fund will be due in April 2018.