02 Nov 2017

Fresh is best, all year round

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Food Banks in Klickitat and Skamania counties provide low-income individuals and families with a Food Box once a month. Food Boxes may contain canned goods, fresh produce, bread, and frozen meat. While the food in a box varies, generally there is enough for three to twelve nutritionally balanced meals depending on the size of the family.  A special Senior Box is also available.

Thanks to a recent Burchell Fund grant, WGAP is installing a new hydroponic growing system to supply the food bank with fresh produce all year long, ensuring healthy eating for Gorge families.

Says Janeal Boreen, Nutrition Programs Director, “Despite recent economic growth in our region, the Food Bank has been working overtime to alleviate the problem of hunger in our community. Since we live in an area of natural abundance, people are often surprised to discover the number of people who suffer from food insecurity here in the Gorge.

Learn more at http://www.wgap.ws/