Starting Your Own Fund

Why Give?

At the Gorge Community Foundation, we connect people who want to make a difference with local organizations and nonprofits creating lasting change.

By establishing a fund with the Gorge Community Foundation, you can establish your own legacy during your lifetime. You can give now and see the ways your contribution is making our communities better and stronger—now and for years to come.

The Gorge Community Foundation provides donors with simple, flexible and effective ways to respond to the needs of their local communities—and receive a tax advantage for doing so.

Community foundations are not just for wealthy families and individuals. There is no minimum amount to start a new fund;  the fund must reach $10,000 before grants will be available.  Donors can also give gifts of stock or include the foundation in their estate planning.

We multiply the impact of your investment. We combine your contribution with those of other Gorge community members so the value of everyone’s fund increases.

The most exciting way of giving through the Community Foundation is to start your own fund. A family fund is like having your own foundation, only with none of the work and all of the joy of making grants to worthwhile organizations.

Starting a fund is simple, flexible, fast and easy. These are the steps:

1) Name your fund.

  • A fund is usually named for the donor, donor’s family or as a memorial to a friend or family member.

2) Decide on the charitable purpose of your fund.

  • Our most popular funds are donor-advised funds. This type of fund allows you to participate in the grant-making process each year by suggesting grant recipients.
  • You may also choose to dedicate your fund to the support of one or more specific charitable organizations or to a field of charitable interest e.g. performing arts or needy children.

3) Make a donation to open your fund.

  •  You can use cash, securities, real estate or other property.
  •  There is no minimum amount as long as you make a commitment to bring the fund to $5,000 within five years.

4) Sign a one page document setting up your fund.

That’s all there is to it. Once your fund reaches $10,000, charitable grants will be made annually.

You can find a list of local individuals and families who have established donor-advised funds here and a list of funds started to benefit particular organizations or fields of charitable interest here.